As a charity we rely on donations to keep going! Each pack is a minimum of £2.50 to post - a coffee a week or maybe that treat from the supermarket... please consider donating to help parents in neonatal units across the uk 

We supply parents across the UK with our Parent Support Packs, originating from the original concept of Indie's Gift, where we supported almost 10,000 families with full gift packs. 

Times are changing and the babies in the care of the NICU/SCBU are so well cared & supplied for that we have adapted ourselves to the needs of parents. 

We supply the packs on a free of charge basis, but request that if there is something in the pack you dont like/won't use, please pass onto another family within your NICU/SCBU

It may just make their day! 

We also supply direct to neonatal units across the United Kingdom - If you would like to nominate a unit to recieve a giftpack, please click 'Unit Support' above. 

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Please feel free to contact us whenever you would like too.
We try and respond to all messages within 48 hours.

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